The Winsulator was introduced in 1993 with the introduction of the Winsulator window to warm climates. Ed VerVane, the company's founder, realized that products being installed on windows for the purpose of energy conservation left much to be desired. They felt the Winsulator interior storm window was the answer to updating existing single pane windows without replacing them.

The Winsulator is an acrylic pane installed inside a window leaving air space between the glass pane and the acrylic sheet, essentially "double glazing" the window. The acrylic sheet is held in place by a magnetic banding strip that attaches to a permanently installed steel channel mounted in the window opening, thus allowing removal of the Winsulator if necessary. The Winsulator itself is a clear acrylic pane called "Optix" and is more resistant to heat transfer than glass. The bellows-type vinyl runner allows the trapped air to expand or contract under extreme temperature variations without any glass breakage and keeps the acrylic pane from popping out from internal pressure.

Testing and research has been conducted by the University of South Florida, NASA - Kennedy Space Center, Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

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