The Winsulator phenomenon has had a lot of media coverage lately and the votes are in....
Winsulator is a winner!

Here is a recent article that appeared in the University of South Florida's USF Magazine ...

...truly a success story.

FLORIDA'S HEAT used to overwhelm NASA officials on the fourth floor of the Kennedy Space Center's headquarters. From the elevator, through the hallways, around the building, even into the center director's private conference room: no windowed room was immune. At only 12 feet by 30 feet, the conference room was insufferable. When the doors were closed and conferences were in session, the Space Center's most powerful officials smothered.

Standing by the elevators, NASA Public Affairs Specialist Manny Virita looks toward the adjacent windows and remembers how it used to be. There was a phone in the hallway, he recalls, but the heat made it too unbearable to make a call.

"No matter how high you turned up the air conditioner, the heat (from the windows) would just warm the air," Virita says.

Not anymore. In 1995, NASA found a solution: a window insulation system that cuts the temperature through the windows by 30 degrees. Their sales in Sarasota, Florida is a testament to the Winsulator, the same product VerVane sold to NASA.

VerVane's journey from a humble Sarasota office to Kennedy Space Center's top floor is the story of an ambitious entrepreneur achieving his dream with help from USF's Small Business Development Center.

"I don't know where we would be if it weren't for USF," VerVane says.

A launching pad for small businesses, the SBDC advises entrepreneurs like VerVane on everything from the basics of starting a business to the technicalities of doing business with the federal government. In 17 years, the SBDC has served more than 75,000 businesses.

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